Breweries & Distilleries

Helix Mechanical has been successfully working with breweries in San Diego County for over 5 years. In fact, we have dedicated personnel who focus on mechanical and plumbing work for both breweries and distilleries, whether it’s supply piping or other needs.

Helix Mechanical has been a member of the San Diego Brewer’s Guild for years. Contact us to see how we can help your brewery or distillery today!

Tenant Improvements

Tenant improvements require great sensitivity to time, and we get it.

We work around your schedule and get the project completed on time. We staff your project with the right amount of manpower. And we keep the project quality up from start to finish, getting it done on your working schedule so you can move in and be operational quickly.

Our Work

We can handle projects of all sizes, from multi-floor downtown high-rise buildings to industrial warehouses. If your business is growing and needs more space, we can accommodate and build to suit those needs.

Whether it’s a $300 project like moving 2 registers or a million dollar project like 2 entire floors of a building, we treat every project the same. We’ll work quickly and effectively so others can accomplish their trades in a reasonable manner as well.


We do planned repairs and renovations with skill, knowledge, and experience. We can also mobilize quickly for your emergency repairs required to keep your facility running smoothly.

With Helix Mechanical Inc., there’s no piece of equipment that’s too big for us to install. We also remove and replace mechanical equipment quickly to get your industrial systems back online as soon as possible.

We pride ourselves on being able to put together and work within a workable schedule.


From working with Public Works entities from Downtown to North County and State Facilities from La Jolla to Borrego, Helix Mechanical Inc. works across regions and industries.
Contact us to see how we can help you today!


Higher Education

From La Jolla to Aztec Hill and beyond, Helix Mechanical’s work reflects our commitment to industry-specific excellence.

We understand that commercial mechanical and plumbing work in the education field requires sensitivity to both time and space. From working diligently after-hours to working as quietly and carefully as possible, we ensure that our high-quality work doesn’t impact libraries, labs, classrooms, or other academic facilities.


Helix Mechanical has done projects at all major institutions of higher education within San Diego County. For more information, please contact us to see how we can help your school or university!

Life Sciences

Whether it’s a large biotech facility or university laboratory, we’ll provide the right, qualified personnel for your project and facility. Our staff is trustworthy, dependable, and concerned about meeting goals on-time with excellence.


We will get the job done for institutional fields, biotech companies, and more. We’ve worked with for-profit and non-profit organizations both big and small. Whether you need 1 worker for a few hours or 10 workers for 3 months, our goal is to provide the same quality service that we’ve become known for.